Henson Managed Hunting

Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) will be conducting managed hunts on the 760 acre section north of Newsome Gap Road on the Charles B. Henson Preserve. You can view a map of the area in question on the Georgia DNR website linked below under the "interactive map" or "PDF map" tabs. 

The only caves affected are Gypsy Cave and the other smaller North Wall Caves.  Caving and hiking permits in the area are limited to between 9am and 5pm on the days of the hunt.

SCCi’s partnership with GA DNR helps manage the wildlife population in a controlled manner. Through partnering with the GA DNR in the Voluntary Public Access program, SCCi further expands private-public conservation in northwest Georgia. The Voluntary Public Access program gives SCCi access to state of Georgia resources and services for conservation.

Dates for the hunt are:  November 1-30 and December 3-5 for deer and bear. April 2-10 and 16-24 for turkey. For more information about the hunts, please contact GA Wildlife Resources at https://georgiawildlife.com/charles-b-henson-vpa or call (706) 295-6041.

Written by : Ray Knott