SCCi Responds to Chattanooga Times-Free Press Article

SCCi is aware of the article written in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press and published on June 3, 2020.  According to the article, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division “sent a notice to Southeastern Cave Conservancy” on May 20 that requires us to give them steps that outline how some gravels and rip-rap rock that have entered Hurricane Creek will be removed and properly relocated or disposed. It also requires us to state a remediation schedule and the projected completion for the corrective action plan. We are complying with that request and are completing what needs to be done in the time frame given.

SCCi placed gravel and rip-rack rock under an EPA 319 Clean Water Grant at the beginning of the year. The work was meant to stabilize flows into Hurricane Creek. Unfortunately, torrential rains washed away much of the remediation work before it settled, causing the extra material to flow into Hurricane Creek.

SCCi continues to work diligently to protect the lands with which we have been entrusted. 

Written by : Ray Knott