Tumbling Rock Changes and Improvements

Visitors arriving the John T. Dolberry Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve may notice a few infrastructure changes. After more than a decade of dedicated service as a resident preserve manager, Nathan Williams decided to relocate to family property in another county. Per Nathan, the location was too far away for him to remain an effective manager and subsequently has stepped down from those responsibilities. SCCi extends the greatest appreciation to Nathan for those years of tireless service. THANK YOU Nathan.

When visitors arrive they’ll immediately notice the absence of the house. With Nathan no longer the resident manager and little prospect of finding a new tenant, we determined the best path for the preserve management team going forward was the removal of the house. We accomplished this under the watchful eyes of Directors Steve Davis and Tom Whitehurst. We will place additional infrastructure at the preserve over the following months to assist with access control, primarily a code controlled gate system and then minor upgrades to the changing facility and additions to the existing interpretive display (kiosk).

Eventually, we will set up an internet hotspot and surveillance monitoring like at Stephens Gap Preserve. We anticipate making some small management changes to more easily accommodate camping at the preserve in the future but those guidelines or details haven’t been determined. Once we establish them, we will announce them here and through our website. We are still allowing camping at the traditional area behind the two-story building. Please use only this camping area. We have changed parking at the preserve as well. Vehicle parking is now on the right, adjacent to the mountain beyond the current kiosk. This change is mainly to allow grass to grow on the disturbed areas. Please do not park in taped off areas. We have relocated the port-o-let to the right side of the garage/changing rooms.

If you happen to see or communicate with Nathan, please THANK him for the years of dedication and service to SCCi at the Tumbling Rock Preserve.

Written by : Ray Knott