COVID-19 Update

Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi) strives to ensure the safety of all of its visitors and staff.  As such, SCCi is closely monitoring the status of Coronavirus where we have preserves. Our staff is working remotely and we are recommending that when contemplating a visit to an SCCi preserve, people follow CDC, state, and local guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. For high-risk populations, such as the elderly and people with underlying conditions, we ask that they take extra caution and follow CDC guidelines for those at higher risk of serious illness.  Slowing the spread of novel coronavirus is everyone's responsibility. 

Currently, our preserves remain open to permitted visitors. We urge visitors to engage in social distancing and keep group sizes to 10 or less. We will continue to keep you informed via social media and SCCi’s website if our current policy should change.

Written by : Ray Knott