SCCi Opens New Office


The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi), the largest land conservancy in the world solely focused on protecting wild caves, recently moved into its new office space at 2213 Fairmount Pike, Signal Mountain, TN.

The new office will allow SCCi to grow its staff and volunteer base is as it continues to acquire and protect more caves. "Our growth plans reflect 27 years of progress," says Ray Knott, Executive Director of SCCi. "Since SCCi started in a living room in Atlanta, we've come a long way in protecting more than 170 caves that span the Southeast US. But stewardship of these underground treasures is never-ending, and we need fresh ideas and more allies. With this new space, we'll be able to better foster collaboration with our donors, members, and conservation partners."

SCCi's work is vital to the effort of environmental conservation. "The Southeastern US is home to some of the most beautiful and scientifically significant caves in North America. But sadly, many of them are under threat of destruction from development or misuse. So we work to protect and preserve these caves for you, for future generations, and for the hundreds of endangered species that call them home," Knott said.

About Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc.
Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. protects and preserves caves through conservation, education, and recreation. When caves are safeguarded, fragile ecosystems are protected, historic artifacts are preserved, and endangered species thrive. SCCi is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Visit for more information.

Written by : Ray Knott