Strategic Plan


After going through a multi-phase planning process, the Board of Directors adopted an ambitious 5-year plan to guide SCCi to the next level. Below are the Aspirations and Results from the SOAR plan. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Aspirations are those things SCCi is striving to be or become. Aspirations include, talents,skills and capabilities that are needed to support current and future goals.

  • Be successful grant writers

  • Revenues provide for debt-free acquisitions

  • Sustainable revenues/expenditures

  • Revenues support the organization in perpetuity

  • Provide world-class donor services


  • Create a defensible acquisitions list

  • Acquire all significant TAG caves


  • Provide world-class member services

  • Engage Members

  • Double membership/retain 50% sustaining members


  • Provide world-class stewardship

  • Plan for forever stewardship

 Organizational Development/Operations

  • Increase personnel to match organizational outcomes

  • Ensure business-like management systems

  • Build/expand expertise to match footprint

  • Stay flexible


  • Be THE storyteller for caves of the Southeast

  • Brand SCCi

  • Be recognized on the national stage re: cave conservation

5-Year Goals

These 5-year goals are specific deliverable supported by the aspirations listed above.

  • Achieve Land Trust Alliance Accreditation

  •  Recruit Volunteer Chief Scientist

  •  Establish Stewardship Endowment Fund of $2.5 million/Strategic Acquisition Fund of $1.0 million

  •  Buy 5 Targeted Caves

  •  Increase Awareness Through Community/Media Events

  •  Build Education/Outreach Center

To achieve these goals, SCCi will need to break new ground in how we operate, fundraise and engage members. If you are interested in being part of this bold new future, click here to fill out a volunteer interest survey.

Written by : Ray Knott