Go Deep

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How deep will you go for the caves you love?


At the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, we’re in the business of preserving the most significant caves in the Southeast.  We work tirelessly to balance protecting these environments with providing access to cavers, hikers, and nature lovers.


And it’s working!


SCCi now protects over 170 caves on 30 preserves in 6 states across the Southeast. Over the past 24 years, thousands of people have financially supported SCCi  to acquire and protect these amazing places.  All of these people dug deep to support SCCi, and the protection of caves.

Sloshing through waist-deep water, belly crawling through mud, rappelling  hundreds of feet down a vertical shaft, or just enjoying a hike on an SCCi preserve - these are all things we love.  Will you Go Deep for the places and activities you love?

Our 2015 Go Deep Campaign is a call to SCCi’s most important supporters – a call to reach down and go deep by making a gift of any size dedicated to protecting the caves of the Southeast.

We would love you to share the SCCi places and people that are special to you using social media. Tag your photos and tweets with #GoDeep.

Every member of our staff and board has committed to joining the campaign, because we love the caves of the Southeast too! All Go Deep Campaign donors who give at least $30 (number of SCCi preserves – so far) will receive an SCCi bandana.


Go Deep for SCCi so that we can Go Deep for caves.


Use the secure form below to make your donation today

or call 423-771-9671 Ext 101

Written by : Ray Knott