Many SCCi preserves feature beautiful landscapes and photogenic cave entrances. Most of our preserves are open for hiking and photography at any time with no restrictions. However, if you are planning to go inside one of our caves, please follow these guidelines.

Visiting SCCi Caves:

SCCi members have committed enormous amounts of money and time to help protect caves and fragile cave ecosystems. Introduction of foreign substances into our caves can have unintended consequences to cave life. In addition to concerns regarding White Nose Syndrome (WNS), some caves have microscopic life that is unique to that cave, and that can be decimated by material introduced from other caves. The SCCi Board of Directors has adopted guidelines to help reduce the potential that cavers could inadvertently impact our cave ecosystems by carrying soil, water, or other substances from one cave to another. If you have any questions, please contact an SCCi board member or the appropriate SCCi property manager.
Before and After Visiting Any SCCi Cave Preserve
Clean and disinfect all clothing and gear following the Clean Caving Procedures before and after going inside any SCCi cave.
Permitted SCCi Cave Preserves
Read the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy. Complete and return the Clean Caving Questionnaire  to the SCCi Property Manager. If you save this file to your computer then reopen it, you can fill out the information online. This procedure is in addition to any other permit requirements contained in the preserve management plan.
Planning Cave Cleanups:
Want to schedule a cleanup trip on an SCCi preserve? We'd love your help! Read the SCCi Cleanup Policy and Procedure to learn how to plan your cleanup trip.