SCCi Plans to Purchase Sinkhole Cave in Marion County, TN

When word came through that a decades long closed pit in Marion County, TN was up for sale, SCCi knew this was a unique opportunity to protect and reopen an incredible pit. 

Now it is time to act. The goal is to raise $165,000 in 30 days to cover the purchase and infrastructure costs for Sinkhole. Discovered in 1975, this 165 ft pit drops into an L shaped cave that extends nearly 500 feet in a low and muddy crawl. Located within easy access to many other caves along the ridge, this will be a new addition to the weekend adventure list. While cavers of the 70's and 80's enjoyed Sinkhole for decades, the next generation awaits the same opportunity.  This will happen with your support. Through responsible management and proper infrastructure, Sinkhole will be reopened with caving, camping and surface permit opportunities.


UPDATE: Thanks to 200 generous supporters, $177,992 was raised to fund the purchase and protection of Kelly Cove-Sinkhole Preserve.

Balcony Sink aka Falling Cave (Alabama)

Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc., is proud to announce the acquisition of its 33rd preserve – the iconic Balcony Sink also known as Falling Cave. Balcony Sink is arguably one of the top 10 classic pits in the Tennessee/Alabama/Georgia (TAG) region of the United States, and one that has been closed to most cavers for decades.

Balcony Sink

Like SCCi’s Valhalla, Balcony Sink is much larger at the bottom than top with a pit depth of 135 feet. Beyond the pit is a half mile of passage including a second 34 foot drop. With its large dramatic entrance and active waterfall, Balcony Sink is one of the most beautiful and bio dense caves in Alabama.

In addition to Balcony Sink, Water Pipe Cave is a Pennington spring cave located 70 feet above Balcony Sink and is 3,612 feet long.

The acquisition includes 9 acres surrounding the cave entrance and a 50-foot wide trail leading to the cave from the main road for a total of 12 acres. This acquisition required quick action by the SCCi Board of Directors. Because of the urgency of the opportunity, SCCi has placed this purchase on short-term credit. We need your help to support this once-in-a-century acquisition. Watch the video here.

SCCi is currently preparing the preserve for visitation. 

So why the two names?

The people who found it first in 1969 named it Balcony Sink but didn't turn it in to the Alabama Cave Survey (ACS). As fate would have it, another group went to it later that same year. They named it Falling Cave and turned it into the ACS. To keep the peace, ACS let both names appear on the cave list.

Photo Credit: B. Biddix

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Hidden Wilderness Book

Several years ago, SCCi supporter Dave Hughes had an idea about a full color coffee table book featuring photos of SCCi cave preserves. He wrote several essays and stories about SCCi caves, contacted several phenomenal cave photographers across the US, and gathered a collection of spectacular photos to use in the book. He then teamed up with Jennifer Pinkley to help him with design and printing. 

This 160-page hardcover book is packed full of gorgeous photos and a sleek dust cover. There are over 100 photos featuring cave preserves, cave passages, waterfalls, cave formations, vertical pits, animals living inside caves, cave artifacts, and landscapes of SCCi preserves. The book is a celebration of the SCCi, its caves, and its mission.

The IndieGoGo campaign was a tremendous success raising over $36,000 from 193 backers. Special thank you to Hannah Lieffring for social media support and making the promotional video featured in the campaign.

 After publishing, the book will be available on SCCi's store at $200 a copy.


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SCCi's 36th Preserve

SCCi is proud to announce the acquisition of Moody Cave creating SCCi's 36th preserve. Moody is a popular 7,000-ft cave just a couple hundred feet from the Neversink parking area in Jackson County, Alabama. It will share the parking lot with Neversink. The Preserve Managers for the new preserve are Hannah Lieffring and Dane Garreau. The new preserve is on the online permitting system.

Thank you to Steve Davis for spearheading this acquisition.

If you would like to support the $15,000 acquisition cost for Moody, click the button below.

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