A Board of Directors, elected by the membership, governs the SCCi. Terms of office are staggered, and several seats are up for election each summer following the Annual Membership Meeting. The end of each director's current term is listed after their name. The Board of Directors elects Officers once a year.

If you are interested in SCCi Board service, follow this link to learn about SCCi Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities. 




Chair: John Hickman
Vice-Chair: Tom Whitehurst
Secretary: Bill Stringfellow
Treasurer: Buddy Lane
Board Committees

Board Governance: Open
Finance: Buddy Lane
Fundraising: Open
Directors (Term End)         

Jeanette Blake (2022)

Kris Green (2024)

Robert Handford (2022)

Bob Jones (2024)

Kyle Lassiter (2022)

John Maddox (2023)

Sam Moore (2023)

Erica Sughrue (2024)

Andrea Tognetti (2023)

Greg Whittaker (2024)